FPIES– Rare, but Real.



Corina and Patrick are parents to a little boy with FPIES. They wanted to reach out to us to share a little bit about their story.


"Hello! I wanted to reach out to thank you for your product! My son is a year and a half old and has a rare syndrome called FPIES which stands for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. Because he has this syndrome, every food he tries could potentially be rejected by his body and he has had very violent reactions. Food sends him to the hospital.

So far, he has two safe foods (besides nursing), they are almond butter and quinoa! And I thank God everyday someone told me about Quinoa Queen! It has allowed me to help my son learn to eat! I have used it so many ways that he may not need feeding therapy in the future!! I have used it as is, made it into bars, soaked it, and mashed it! He loves that he has something to eat like his brothers!

We are hopeful that like most children with Fpies, he will grow out of it when he is older, but for now a single cheerio or any bite of food could send him to the hospital! So thank you again for a product my son can enjoy!!

Here is a picture of my son Patrick bringing me his favorite (only) treat, Quinoa Queen!"



We are so thankful to be able to make a difference for families like Corina and Patrick's.


The QQ Team




For information about FPIES, visit The FPIES Foundation.

To support families with FPIES and raise awareness about this rare disease, help us donate $1 to The FPIES Foundation with the purchase of our FPIES bracelets.

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