What is Quinoa?

There are a lot of mispronunciations of the term quinoa, so before we begin the correct pronunciation is KEEN-WAH. Now that we have set the rumors straight, what is this whole protein about and why is it so great? Below we listed a little about quinoa and where it comes from:


  • It is a grain crop originally grown by ancient Incans for its edible seeds
  • Started in Peru, Chile, and Bolivia
  • Dubbed a “super crop” because it can grow in poor soil without fertilizer and irrigation
  • Part of the goosefoot family (which also includes spinach and sugar beets
  • Quinoa fields were destroyed in the 1500s with little remnants. It resurfaced in the 1970s!


  • It is gluten-free!
  • It is low in cholesterol and sodium
  • Per 100 grams, it offers 35% of your daily iron, 65% of daily phosphorous, 55% of daily magnesium, and 14 g of protein
  • It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant
  • Helps prevent illnesses and diseases
  • High in fiber making you feel fuller longer


Takeaway: Quinoa has been around for a long time especially in South America and is proven to have many nutritional benefits.

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