Top Ten Essential Oils to get You Started

You may have heard about essential oils and the benefits they have on our bodies. However, there are so many different oils that it can be overwhelming and intimidating. Below we have broken down some of the top essential oils and their benefits to get you started:

  1. Lavender – great for calming and relaxing aka PERFECT for stress and sleeping!
  1. Peppermint – helps with aches, pains, headaches, respiratory infections, and itchy skin as well as boosts energy levels (not to be used around the face of infants!)
  1. Tea Tree Oil – helps clear acne, skin irritations, dandruff, and lice
  1. Eucalyptus – relieves colds and congestion, helps with pain relief and allergies, and boosts the immune system (not to be used around the face of infants!)
  1. Clary Sage Oil – great for cramps and balancing your body’s hormones
  1. Frankincense Oil – helps battle colds or the flu as well as helping to build immunity, healing age spots, fighting cancer, and supporting brain health
  1. Lemon – great for cleaning but also is calming and helps with mental fatigue, nervous tension, exhaustion, and anxiety. Also seen in the Citrus Quinoa Queen cereal!
  1. Rosemary – helps improve brain function and memory aka great for studying! It also helps to grow your hair thicker and longer
  1. Mandarin – reduces acne, stretch marks, scars; reduces pain and anxiety; protects food from bacteria; and helps combat cancer. This is also in the Citrus flavored Quinoa Queen cereal!
  1. Ginger – this stimulates your metabolism, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps with joint pains and nausea 

Takeaway: Essential oils are a great, holistic way to battle illnesses, pains, or support mental mindsets.

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