6 Ways to Make Healthy Habits Stick

Soon holidays will be upon us, and we all know how hard it is to maintain those healthy habits we have worked so hard on. It is easy to fall off the path, but it can also be very easy to get right back on. Below we have listed a few ways to stick with those healthy habits:

  1. Drink WATER (and a lot of it)
    1. The Easiest way to get your water intake in is to drink some right when you wake up
  1. Eat vegetables first
    1. When sitting down for a meal eat a salad before consuming the main course
  1. Find your WHY
    1. What will be your reminder for why you are changing to a healthier lifestyle?
  1. Track your progress to keep you accountable
    1. Take pictures!! This is a sure way to see how far you have come and to give you that extra push to stick with it
  1. Change things up whether it be different meals or different workouts
    1. The same workouts can get boring over time, changing it up allows you to hit different muscle groups as well as keep you engaged
  1. Grab a friend who will motivate you
    1. On long days, sometimes a friend is what you need that will get you to the gym or help you eat healthily 

Takeaway: Motivation is key to sticking with your healthy habits, so be sure to find something that will constantly give you motivation even on the long days.



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